How Well Do You Know My Guys?

Monday Fun Day #2

For fans of the Coach’s Boys Series

So how well do you know Dan, Sam, Chris, Jon, Cal, Ed … and the loves of their lives? I’m going to give you six quotes from their books – and see if you can guess which book each one is from. Bonus points if you can figure out which characters are in each scene, in addition to which book they’re from. What will you win? Nothing. But I hope it’ll be a lot of fun for fans who love the guys as much as I do. 🙂

1.   “The movie shouldn’t be starting for another-” He looked at his watch. “Eight minutes, if they get it going on time – and they hardly ever do. To be safe, I figure we’ve got about two hours. I could have done it myself, but I thought maybe you could use a little time away from the house. You know, in case you need to talk or anything. Not that you have to talk, but- I’m here if you need to.”
   “I know that. Thanks.”
   Did he need to talk? There were moments when he really wished there was someone to talk to, but that was usually late at night when he couldn’t sleep. When everyone else was visiting dreamland and would likely not appreciate being disturbed. When he was up and about though, he just tried to stay busy, to not think about the situation any more than he had to. Of course, that’s all he thought about, but if he could stay distracted enough, the nightmare stayed at the edges of his mind instead of taking center stage and haunting him every waking minute.


2.   Slipping into a comfortable, faded pair of navy sweatpants, and a white tee shirt, he strode barefoot out to his miniscule kitchen. It didn’t take but two minutes to get the coffee brewing, and the butter-laden popcorn bag into the microwave.
   A glance at his watch told him he still had more than a quarter of an hour before the first program started. That gave him too much time to think about the crap his friends had given him after the game. _____ and his choice of beverage. So what if he preferred coffee to anything else? With a defiant shrug, he opened the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of the Coke he kept on hand for company. He could drink sodas on occasion. He just wasn’t addicted to it like some people he knew.
   Now Snickers were another matter entirely, and he practically drooled as he pulled a king-sized bar from the drawer. At least he limited himself to eating them only during this particular hour of television viewing.


3.  “Room service,” _______ called out, rapping sharply on the door.
   “What?” _______ asked, opening the door a crack. “This joint doesn’t have room service.”
   “It does tonight.”
   In a quick move, _______ rammed his shoulder against the door, throwing them both into the room. _______ stepped in behind him, closing the door quickly. By that time _______ had _______ by the throat.
   “Who are you?” _______ demanded, gasping for a breath. _______ loosened his hold marginally.
   “That isn’t important. What matters is that we know who you are…


4.   He was sure all of the green groups on the planet would have him on a hit list in a heartbeat if they knew how many disposables he used, but he kept his belongings to a bare minimum, and that included most of the things that could be found in the kitchens of ordinary people. The only items in his cupboards were a few stainless steel pans, a handful of cooking utensils, and a set of dishes and silverware that served four. Those were only for the times he had a normal dinner with company who would expect to eat their meal on something other than paper. So far that hadn’t happened, and he hadn’t touched them since he’d put them away the first time.


5.   “It’s the last night,” she explained, pulling into one of the few empty parking spaces left in the vast, rutted field. “I was going to just say forget it this year, but I really love this thing. I hope you don’t mind.” He muttered something about most women loving chick flicks, his voice so soft she was surprised she heard any sound at all, but then he said,
   “Not at all.”
   Liar, she wanted to say, but she let it pass, fitting herself against his side as they exited the car. He slung an arm around her waist and they walked carefully to the line that seemed to wind endlessly from the entrance to the huge, creepy corn field in the distance. Screams and yells filled the night air, along with nervous giggles and whispers from those still waiting their turn.


6.   “Shh. He may be a genius, _______, but I don’t think he has a lot of confidence.” Not from what she’d observed over the past few weeks anyway. _______ seemed like a pretty shy guy.
   “No,” _______ sighed. “I don’t know why either. He is smart, smarter than all the rest of us combined. He’s fairly wealthy. And he’s not ugly enough to actually scare anyone.” This time it was ______ who burst out laughing, but she cuffed his arm anyway.
   “______. Not ugly? That’s mean. _______’s adorable.”
   “You two want to share?” _______ called from where she sat on the other side of the fire. “What’s so funny?”
   “Private joke,” _______ said. _______ scowled at him, then grinned.


Maybe it’s just because I wrote them, but it was kind of challenging for me to come up with parts of scenes that didn’t seem totally obvious. Hopefully, anyone playing will be a little challenged. 🙂

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