Some Things Can’t Be Taken Back

I’d originally planned to post this on April 27th, but given the circumstances, decided to hold off for a while. So here it is, nearly four months later…

I had to make a trip to the largest of the small towns I live near today. The cats were out of food and since they kind of like to eat, it was a necessary errand. To get to the store I usually shop at means crossing railroad tracks twice (coming and going), something that tends to annoy me because I wind up waiting for an amazingly large number of trains.

Today was no different, except this time the train was stopped. Great. Probably another derailment, which has happened more times than you might think in this community. So I headed the other direction, to find that all of the crossings in town were blocked, and so I continued driving out of town, taking the long way home.

I’m not really clear on whether the train actually went off the tracks when the driver tried to stop, but either way, a sixteen year old boy is dead today because he was walking home from school…on the railroad tracks. Apparently he did this daily, as it was the shortest route for him.  It seems he may had been wearing headphones or ear buds…and that one seemingly insignificant decision prevented him from hearing the train.

It makes me sadder than sad when I think about this young life lost, and that it was caused by an addiction to today’s technology.

How many people have been killed or injured because they – or others – thought it was okay to text and drive? Or to dial a cell phone and drive? And what about texting pedestrians? I’ve watched them stumble, or nearly walk into posts and poles because they were focused on their phones instead of their surroundings.

How many people thought it ‘couldn’t happen to them?’ Only it does, and then families are left grieving the loss of someone they loved forever. Whether the loved one caused the accident, or was simply the victim, people are dying because of electronics addictions.

And if this isn’t enough reason to start being more careful with our electronics, how about this? Take four and a half minutes to watch the video in the following link.

The World Health Organization: radio-frequency electromagnetic fields may be carcinogenic to humans (WHO/IARC May, 2011).

“Wireless devices emit microwave radiation and need to be used with care.”

Care as in being kept eight inches from the body. In other words, don’t hold your laptop computer on your lap. Don’t keep your cell phone in your pocket.

It’s possible that there’s an increased risk for hypothyroidism, breast cancer, brain damage in infants, ear and eye damage. I know many people blow off reports like the ones in the video as paranoia, but maybe it’s time to pay attention to experts.

God help me with my Kindle, but I do often move my keyboard aside and prop it up against the front of my desktop. I may be doing that more often now.

Are you addicted to electronics?




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