The Weather Outside is Frightful!

By now y’all know I have a very screwed up schedule. You know I’m not from the south either, but I just love that word so I try to toss it in here and there. The only thing I like better is ‘all y’all.’


When I went to bed this morning it was fifteen degrees below zero. Fifteen degrees below zero! And I’m not talking windchill either. That was the actual temperature. Thank God there wasn’t any wind.

But that got me thinking about a very windy morning – when my daughter and I were in Mackinaw City last month. I have a video I don’t think I’ve shared yet, and I will in just a second, but I first want to show you a photo I took – from the warm safety of my van.

Kristy K. James - daughter on beach 12-7-13I just wanted to show you how far the beach was from where I was, and how rough the ground was – which is why she couldn’t hold the camera very steady. There’s also the fact that it was bitterly cold and she was shaking.

And before you start thinking I’m a horrible mom, she was the one who wanted to do it to get the sound of the wind and waves…and I couldn’t talk her out of it.

Yes, she called me a baby…and I’m totally okay with that because it’s the truth.

Crazy as it sounds, I kind of wish we were still up there, but that’s pretty much what the weather has been like around here – almost four hours south of the bridge – for more than a month. It started very early in the winter season, and frankly…I don’t remember ever seeing the actual temps going as low as fifteen degrees below zero. (yeah, I’m still stunned by it)

Good news though. A warm front moved through. Now it’s thirteen degrees with a -1 windchill.

Are you finding the weather where you live to be a little over the top this year? If so, in what way?

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