I Don’t Like To Bad Mouth-Companies But…

I just sent an email to General Mills yesterday to let them know that much as I wish I didn’t have to, I was going to stop buying their cereals until they remove all GMOs from their products.

For those who aren’t sure what that means, GMO = genetically modified organisms. GMOs include corn, soybeans, and cotton, and many people consider them to be hazardous to human health. If you don’t know much about this subject, I encourage you to start researching to learn more about these FDA approved poisons.

However, that isn’t the subject of today’s blog. General Mills is. Why? Because of this…

I don’t like that they treat this incident as a cute little story in this video. It’s not cute at all. It’s sad. Yes, from the way they explained it, the squirrel might have been able to dislodge the cup by itself, but maybe not. And even if he could, other animals aren’t so lucky.

Yes, folks, that’s a Yoplait yogurt cup. Because of something others call a flange (but I call an edge) around the top, small animals can push their heads in past it to lick whatever yogurt might be left inside, but the edge/flange gets stuck on the back of their skulls when they try to pull back out. And if they’re not rescued, they can die a slow, frightening death, as seen in the video on this Wildlife Emergency Services blog post.

Fortunately, the skunk in that video was found in time, and you can see it’s no easy task to remove the cups.

So join me in letting General Mills know that while we love love their yogurt, we want the design of the cups changed to protect wildlife. Maybe if enough people write in – and maybe even boycott the product for a while – they might get the idea that some of us care about the innocent creatures who share our world.

And as long as you’re at it, you might also let them know that we don’t appreciate our food supply being poisoned by GMOs.

It really doesn’t take long to send an email. Just click on this General Mills link, then scroll down a bit – right beneath the phone and fax numbers – to where you can send a message.

Click the little black arrow to the right of ‘Subject,’ and click on ‘All Other.’ I made the mistake of clicking on ‘Product Issue’ and they wanted UPC information from the actual product. Choosing ‘All Other’ eliminates that part of the form.

Then just write a couple of short sentences such as:

Until General Mills changes the packaging on Yoplait yogurt so it’s safe for small wildlife, my family will no longer purchase it. In addition, we will no longer be purchasing any of your products that contain GMOs because we don’t want those poisons in our foods.

It’s that simple and quick. If you agree with me, please share this post on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages.

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