Cover Reveal Time

I’ll start right off by saying this isn’t a romance novel. In fact, it’s not a novel at all. It’s a novelette I’m going to be offering for free, hopefully in the next week or two. It’s about a subject very near and dear to my heart. Okay, okay. If I’m going to be honest, it is not that dear to my heart. I’ll just let the cover speak for itself…

GF Book-final coverDoes the background color make you think of silver linings? Or does it just make you think, “Well that’s sure a pretty shade of gray?”

Here’s the blurb.

I’ve been where you’re at today…

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, NCGS (Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity), or you haven’t even been diagnosed because your doctor thinks all of your symptoms are in your head, you’re now facing a life without gluten. A life without all of the foods you’ve loved your entire life. It’s just going to be meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables from now on. Right?

Maybe not. In this novelette, I’ll share with you what my life has been like since I had to give up gluten. The highs, the lows, the attitude changes, and – most importantly – the fact that there’s hope. Yes, there will be much more to your life than meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. I promise!


What do you think? I’m hoping that my experience will help others who have to eliminate gluten from their diets for health reasons. It’s a challenging road, that’s for sure, but I’ve learned a lot. Unfortunately, it was mostly by trial and error.

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