My Son Cracks Me Up!

I can always count on C.J. asking me – at least once a day, “So, Mom. How are your books coming along.”

He really is interested … as long as I don’t go into a whole lot of detail. While he feigns interest in the stories, he’s actually more concerned with how much I’m earning – and what percentage of those earnings might be invested in new video games.

At the moment though, he’s still fairly obsessed over Gluten-Free Sucks.

“Obsessed?” you might ask.


Check out the cover again (and by the way, it’s free on Smashwords now – just click on the cover to take you to the book’s page)…

GF Book-final cover~~~

Please note the big red circle with the line through it. I used it to cover some of my favorite gluten-laden foods like pizza, muffins, and doughnuts. To me, it simply says, nope, no more of the good stuff for you. Ever.

C.J., on the other hand, took one look at that red circle and kind of freaked out.

“What are you doing, Mom?!”

“Writing a book.”

“You’re going to get in trouble!”

“Why would I get in trouble?”

“Because you’re telling everyone about gluten!”

“Uh- Okay?”

Further discussion revealed that my son believes I’m going to get in a boatload of trouble. Not just with our government here in the United States, but with governments around the globe.


Because he thinks I’m bad-mouthing gluten.

No matter how many times I try to explain what it’s about – how I’ve had to deal with my new life without gluten, and the foods I’ve found to make the transition easier – he still seems to harbor a fear that I may wind up arrested for writing it.

I know with him, there are no shades of gray. Everything is black and white. Well … unless he wants a new video game, and then there may be some extremely pale shades as he tries to convince me how it will benefit him – and believe me, he’s not above saying it might help his autism.


As near as I can figure, C.J. believes a red circle with a line through it means that whatever it is, it must be illegal. And obviously, since I have one on the cover of this book, clearly I am breaking a law – in every country on earth.

God I love my son! He’s always got my back. Unless he has to clean the litter boxes – and then he doesn’t like me much at all.

CJ with SamC.J. with Sam, who is wearing a Krispy Kreme doughnut hat (Sam would rather not be wearing a Krispy Kreme doughnut hat)


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2 Responses to My Son Cracks Me Up!

  1. Well, I have to say Kristy that you son cracks me up too. And if things keep going the way they are, you just might be in trouble. Just kidding. But you know what I mean. I think it’s great that you are spreading the word about your dietary restrictions. There are thousands of people with gluten problems and they don’t know it. I am forever grateful that twenty years ago I had a doctor tell me to get off wheat. He knew they were doing something funky with it and suggested if I eat wheat, to only eat organic. And I stuck to that regiment. I think it saved my butt because I have a lot of sensitivities has you well know. I don’t need gluten on top of it. You have my sympathy girl.

    • Kristy K. James says:

      LOL…well let’s hope I don’t get in too much trouble! I do hope the book helps other people though. I know several who likely have an issue with gluten, but they don’t believe it – or don’t want to. Can’t blame them too much. It is quite a lifestyle change. It took me about two years before the side effects of gluten scared me enough that I was ready to stay off it forever. In 9 days it will be a year since I’ve had gluten – at least on purpose.

      Hmm about the organic wheat. I may have to check in to that, although the thought of intentionally eating something that might cause the breathing problems or edema is enough to scare me right out of the idea, lol.

      But good for you for listening to your doctor for so long! I hope when I hit the 20 year mark, I’ll be happy about the choices I made. 🙂

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