Sometimes It Pays To Ignore Your Doctor

This probably isn’t a big deal for anyone who doesn’t live with hypothyroidism, but I’ve known for a couple of weeks that I’ve been feeling better. And I’ve known it was because of a new supplement I started around December 10th.

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However, it wasn’t until I caught myself washing cupboard doors just before Christmas that I realized exactly how much better I feel. Those doors have been driving me nuts, but when you don’t have enough energy, you tend to be careful how you spend it. For me, the choice is usually to write or edit.

That gets really old though. I want to live my life, not just survive, and so I adopted the whole ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’ philosophy very early on. In the 3 1/2 years since my diagnosis, my mission in life has been to feel like a normal human being again.

When it became clear that Synthroid wasn’t doing a thing for me, I started experimenting with a host of vitamins and supplements. I continued using what helped and discarded what didn’t. It got to the  point where I could function, but barely.

Then this past January, I found a doctor who prescribed the wonder drug, Armour Thyroid. This would turn everything around, I thought. And the doctor promised I’d feel like a new person in a month or six weeks.

Wonder drug? Not only did Armour Thyroid not make me feel better, it also put my blood pressure into the high range. I was far from impressed – and not in the market to start taking B.P. meds too.

Tired of it all, I started researching again and found that based on previous blood tests, I’d probably had pre-clinical hypothyroidism and not the full-blown disease.

And so in September, I stopped taking the Armour. A month later, based on what I’d found, I started two new products (in addition to the other supplements I’d been taking).

Did they help? Yes. I could tell a difference in how I felt. It wasn’t a huge difference, but any improvement is better than nothing.

Then I received an email from a doctor I’d listened to during the Thyroid Summit this past May. This woman also has hypothyroidism and developed a product she sort of says will make a world of difference. Thanks to the FDA, she can’t make specific claims.

After doing a little more research – and I literally mean a little because there’s not much out there on this product yet – I had to decide whether I was desperate enough to try something I couldn’t find much information on. And then I decided I trusted what I knew of Dr. David Brownstein and if he trusted her, so would I.

And so I ordered it. I figured if it didn’t help within a month, I wouldn’t get it again.

But there I was – twelve days after starting it – washing my cupboard doors.

Now, five days later, I just ordered three more bottles. I figure if I’m feeling this much better two and a half weeks after the first dose, who knows what 2015 might bring? I’m very excited thinking about how much more I might accomplish the longer I take this.

***Let me say quickly that I am NOT suggesting anyone ignore their doctor and do what I’ve done. I have no clue what my thyroid levels are right now. It’s entirely possible that while I’m feeling better, my numbers could be off the charts. I’ll go in after the holidays to have them checked, but for now … I’ll take what I can get.

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