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Just Because It’s Soooo Cute…

…I have to share it tonight. Because if I don’t, I’ll forget.

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And Ignorance Abounds…

“When our idea of danger is eating gluten, there’s trouble afoot. Yes, we the people have gotten soft.” After reading what Jennifer Lawrence had to say about gluten back in October, that it’s the cool new eating disorder, I had … Continue reading

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First Sleep, Second Sleep

Sounds like the beginning of a nursery rhyme, doesn’t it? Any panda is cute, but a sleeping panda is really cute! Okay, back on topic. According to an in-depth study by Roger Ekirch, an historian at Virgina Tech, first sleeps … Continue reading

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Music to Motivate the Muse

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I love music … especially videos. And if you don’t, going back through my older posts will reveal that one song or another is featured in … Continue reading

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One Great Way To Kill Your Relationship

Consideration is romantic. ~~~ Really. It is. It’s one of the reasons your Romeo or Juliet fell in love you with in the beginning. You showed him or her consideration and respect. You were thoughtful and considered your words and … Continue reading

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Chocolate Heaven!

I used to love Betty Crocker Warm Delights, specifically, the Molten Chocolate Cake. Actually, I still do. I just can’t have them anymore. You mix a little water with the cake batter in the little bowl, squeeze the packet of … Continue reading

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Puppy Alarms

Between telemarketing calls, an appointment reminder call at 9:57 a.m. (even though I keep telling them not to call before 2:00 p.m.), and a couple of puppies who have decided that they don’t like it when I sleep anymore than … Continue reading

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Proper Etiquette When You Have a Cold – again

I first posted this on January 11, 2012 and now seems like a good time to remind people of some ways to prevent the spread of this year’s flu bugs… Okay, we’ve already discussed my thing about germs, but when … Continue reading

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