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Would You Please Go Back Into the Closet?

I would love to see the expressions on the faces of everyone who just saw that subject line. I can just imagine what’s running through your minds right now – but relax. I’m not talking about the sexual orientation closet. … Continue reading

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Sooooo Excited!

A few minutes ago, I approved the audible versions of The Daddy Pact and Laying Low in Paradise! They will be available on iTunes, Audible, and Amazon sometime in the next two weeks. Even better? The production schedule means the … Continue reading

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Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever…

What if you have both? And what if it’s a respiratory kind of flu? No matter. Whatever I’ve had for the past week and a half, it’s been less than pleasant – and I mostly just want to drink water. … Continue reading

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Six Free Books!

I was invited to join the Clean Reads Spring Giveaway and I wanted to let you know. If you enjoy PG13 (or cleaner) fiction, check it out. You can download one – or all – of the books!  

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#FirstLineFriday (a day late)

Why am I publishing a ‘Friday’ post on Saturday, you might be asking? Well … to put it simply, my old computer was dying. I spent most of the week in safe mode rescuing nearly 20 gigabytes of files and … Continue reading

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