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Sneak Peek – Weko 1 – Lainey Lawson

The holiday – and my first (hopefully last) experience with driving a ten foot U-Haul truck 170 miles means I’m posting this a day late. Yup. I now consider myself to be an honorary truck driver. Just because it wasn’t a … Continue reading

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Profile 3: Elaine Marie Lawson

As I explained in my post on Friday, this profile is about two weeks late but I hope you’ll still enjoy Lainey’s profile. She was an easy character to come up with because she’s every girl in developed countries rolled … Continue reading

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A Quick Check-In

I’ll try to resume the profiles and sneak peeks next week (Tuesdays and Fridays) but for today, I thought I should explain my disappearances for days and weeks at a time. I may or may not have shared – because … Continue reading

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Privilege or Punishment?

My daughter wanted me to take her home. In her opinion, the parking lot at the township hall looked packed. There were maybe twenty cars so I laughed and laughed and said nope! It won’t take long. And it didn’t. Maybe … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek – Weko1 – Wesley Cooper (and a confession)

Day four of the 2016 NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing month (a worldwide writing challenge), and I’m not too far off the daily goal. In fact, I may be able to catch up tonight. Well, looking at the time – 12:26 … Continue reading

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Profile 2: Wesley Cooper (and a BIG apology!)

I was responding to some comments today that I was sure I’d already responded to – but nope. There was nothing there, so I figured I’d just meant to and forgotten. When the ones I wrote today disappeared, I was on … Continue reading

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