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It’s one word. Who knew? Not me. I just looked it up to see if I’d need a hyphen. Anyway… In literary circles, the term is generally used in relation to sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal stories. But that doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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Revisiting ‘Choose Your Hard’

I first heard the phrase, ‘choose your hard,’ last fall. Technically, I probably read it. Regardless, it’s something that has often come to mind since then. Why? Because it resonated with me then – and it still does today. What … Continue reading

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Needing a Little Motivation Tonight…

Nothing motivates me much more than music. And since I still haven’t baked that spaghetti squash or made the meatballs, and I still don’t want to, I need something I can take to the kitchen with me. My computer isn’t … Continue reading

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