A Book Sale and a Recipe!

Just wanted to let you know that The Physician to the King is on sale for .99 cents through next Friday (June 28). This is book 2 in the Royal Sweethearts Romance series (book one, A Prince on the Run, is always free!). Since I hope book 4 in that series, Quinn MacMahon’s story, is out by the end of July, I thought this would be a good time to bring a little attention to the series again.

Click here for a link to your favorite store (except Google – they haven’t lowered the price yet).

Now for the recipe.

As many of you know, I’ve been trying to eliminate sugar and high glycemic carbs from my diet by adopting the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) lifestyle. That means I get to indulge in some low carb and keto foods too, among them some popular products that make my life simpler when I don’t feel like making something to eat.

I’ve really tried to like the low carb shake in that product line but after drinking about a dozen, spread out over a month or so, I could hardly force myself to open the last one one. Nope. I didn’t like them at all.

So I went searching online for a homemade one that wouldn’t take a lot of time or effort. Only one looked promising – but the texture was a little funky and so I crossed that off the short list. A really short list since it was the only thing on it. 🙂

Then I started playing around and came up with a combination I really like. It comes out very much like a thin chocolate milk. You can add more sweetener if you like. I added 3 drops of Better Stevia English Toffee. Oh, it’s so good!

In case some of you are like me – and you’ve never met a whey protein that you liked (and I’ve hated every one I’ve tried) – the one linked below really is unflavored.

And speaking of links, there are affiliate links for the Better Stevia and the items in the recipe below (and the Amazon link for Nolan’s book). All that means is if you click on one and buy a product, I’ll make a small commission – but it won’t change your price at all. Click here for more information.


Low Carb Chocolate Shake Mix
1/2 cup collagen
1/2 cup Swerve (powdered)
1/3 cup beef gelatin powder
1/2 cup cocoa
1 1/2 scoops unflavored whey protein isolate
1 good pinch of sea salt (optional)

Mix well, split into 6 equal servings(roughly 1/3 cup each).

To serve, mix 1 serving in 1/2 cup of very hot water (just shy of boiling). Stir until well dissolved (cocoa will probably not dissolve completely though). Add 1 cup of your favorite low carb milk – I used 2 tablespoons heavy cream and the rest water. A little ice is nice too. Yum!

Each serving has around 17 grams protein, zero sugar, and less than one carb. I don’t count calories so I don’t know what that would come out to. This is for a lower/low carb diet.


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