I’ll bet you’re wondering what that number in the subject line means. Does it refer to money? Or does it have something to do with time? Nope. It’s actually the total of 3,900 and 1,728. And now you’re probably wondering what those two numbers mean, right?

Well, I’m going to tell you. This is my way of updating you on where I’m at with the new series. Currently, I’m at 3,900 words left to write in the first book, and 1,728 in book 3, Don’t even ask why I did book 1 and then 3 – because I don’t have a good explanation. If you haven’t figured out that I can be a little…different…well, I guess you know now. 🙂

But next month is National Novel Writing Month, a.k.a., NaNoWriMo, and that’s when I plan to deal with that middle book. Yes, there will be a book two.

Now, to change the subject abruptly here’s something that would shock you if you knew me better. If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you all know that I’ve been trying to do a low carb diet. What you might not know, is that I’m getting a little tired of cauliflower, cabbage, green beans, broccoli, and salads as the only side dishes to my protein.

And so, yesterday, I bought a butternut squash, a dark green squash I can’t remember the name of at the moment, and three small zucchinis. I also bought a bag of pre-cut butternut squash, cooked it, and whipped it with a little bit of butter, a little bit of brown Swerve (affiliate link, click here to learn more), and a little bit of sugar free maple syrup. Then I topped it with some chopped pecans.

Surprisingly, I didn’t hate it. But I didn’t love it either. I’m hoping that making it with a fresh squash, it will be better. I’m sure there were preservatives and chemicals in the precut stuff I bought, and I never like the taste of any of that stuff.

Here’s the picture. My favorite thing on the plate was the garlic Parmesan chicken. Someday, I might say the same thing about squash. I’m not going to hold my breath though. 🙂 🙂 🙂 If you have any squash recipes you just love, please feel free to share them with me in the comments section below.

Since I need to get back to work, I’ll leave you with a couple of the songs on the playlist I created for this series. Since it’s set in a beach town, I’ve found ‘yacht rock’ is the most inspiring music to listen to. Honestly? I’d never heard of yacht rock until two or three months ago – but I love it! 


Photo credit: Pixabay

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2 Responses to 5,628

  1. Korinna Berry says:

    Oh Kristy God bless ya I hate squash but I will give you a zucchini recipe I made for my daughter when she was doing keto. I cut the zukes in cubes and I took a paper towel and kept drying them till my pan was hot. I heated olive oil in my skillet along with two cloves of fresh garlic and and some diced onion either half to a whole small onion and I sautéed. I added in the zukes and kept turning (and of course draining because zukes have a lot of water in them). Once they started to brown I added in a cup of fresh mushrooms. I browned all of this till they were a dark golden brown. I pulled them off the stove and added one half cup of grated fresh Parmesan. I give it a light stir and serve with protein of your choice.

    Btw you can add a can of crushed tomatoes And a small can of tomato sauce some Italian spices and add it to this zuke mixture another bit of Parmesan and pour over spaghetti squash. Add some chicken and bam you have low cal chicken Parmesan. Hope this helps. It did for this mom who hates that stuff!! Lol.

    Rena (korinna)

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Korinna, I am so sorry. I was going to try the zucchini recipe and then respond – and then hundred reasons to not cook any squash. LOL. I think it’s going to take me a while to become a squash convert! 🙂

      Anyway… Thank you for the recipe! I will give it a try soon. Hopefully, in the next day or few. Here’s hoping the onions and fresh garlic (both of which I love!) will kill the taste of the zucchini and I’ll love it at first bite. 🙂

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