It’s Friday! And yeah, I missed Tuesday. Oops.

It’s just been one of those weeks, but … I’m back.

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Okay, so… I’ve spent the past week going through Quinn’s book (part of the Royal Sweethearts series – and don’t forget, A Prince on the Run is always free!), making notes for what works, what doesn’t, what needs changed, and other things I needed to know before starting the real editing. I’ve also been working on the outline for book five in that series, as well as looking at what I’ve gotten done, and what remains to be done, for the Enza prequel. These three books are, tentatively, my summer projects.

To get in a more ‘romantic’ mood, which helps when writing, editing, and plotting romance novels, I’ve been reading books by other authors, watching movies that makes me swoon, and listening to music that makes me want to dance with someone special.

One thing I keep coming back to is the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie. While Elizabeth’s mother and younger sisters grate on my nerves, I do like her father and older sister. But I like her and Mr. Darcy even more, and have been skipping to the scenes that feature them together – more times than I’ll admit to. I just never seem to get tired of them.

It’s hard to imagine, in this day and age, a movie where the couple only kisses once – at the end. They did come frustratingly close to it once though, making you wish you were standing behind Mr. Darcy – either to give him a firm nudge toward Elizabeth … or to kiss him yourself! 🙂

I just find that man – the character – extremely sexy and romantic.

It’s the same with the song below. It is, quite possibly, the most romantic song ever. Yeah, I say that about a lot of them, well, a handful of them anyway. But I think this one would have to be in the top three. It makes you wish there really were guys like that. Guys who value women, who feel lucky to have them. The way he means it in the song. I know there are plenty of good guys in the world, but that one special man? They must be like the needle in the haystack.

And now, I’m going to leave you with a screenshot of my editing view this evening. To the left, I have the faces I use to represent my characters. To the right, a representation of the area where the story takes place. In the not quite center – well, that would be the story itself. 🙂








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2 Responses to It’s Friday! And yeah, I missed Tuesday. Oops.

  1. love Rogers song. so nice. I’ve never read or seen Pride and Prejudice (sacrilegious, I know), so I’ll take your work on this one. Nice to see you in my inbox again this week.

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Hey, Louise!
      Nice to see you! 🙂

      I’ve never read the book either, but it is on my list to do one day. As for Kenny Rogers? That man had a fabulous voice – and sang some of the best songs ever! 🙂

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