Third Time’s the Charm?

Choosing Another ‘Hard’

Why is change so elusive sometimes?

Another Fitness Friday has arrived. And surprise! This one isn’t entirely related to health. Why? Because ‘fit,’ like health, can be applied to other things. For example:

*Is this couple a good fit for each other?
*If the shoe fits…
*We need to assess his fitness for the job?
*Jane Doe has a healthy bank account.
*John Smith has a healthy appetite. 

For my purposes, I will probably only apply fitness and health to … well, my health. But also to my writing life.  

First, let me say…

Last week, my doctor was very happy with pretty much everything about my appointment. Even the blood test results that were flagged weren’t high enough to concern her. My TSH (thyroid) was quite a bit higher than either one of us liked, but after explaining that I recently started taking a low dose iodine supplement (because I use pink salt that isn’t iodized), and that iodine has a reputation for sending the TSH levels skyrocketing, she just wants me to go back in six weeks for another blood test to see if they’ve leveled out.

Going sugar and processed foods free for thirteen months also resulted in a fifteen pound weight loss – and something even more surprising! Since the surgeries in 2020, I’ve been battling some pretty serious high blood pressure. The prescription medication only brought it down to about mid-high instead of super high for a couple of years. Today? It was 118/70. It’s a miracle I didn’t faint!

But here’s where the new ‘hards’ come in to play…

One of my biggest goals in life is to establish good writing habits again. That means everywhere I write, including this blog, my newsletters, Facebook, and Instagram. To do that, I need to feel my best. That means I need to nix the casual attitude about popcorn and red potatoes, which are allowed in limited amounts on the diet I’ve been following. I don’t know whether I’ll eliminate them 100%, but I do need to make them occasional treats, not a few times a week staples. 

It also means tackling the insomnia I’ve struggled with since a 2008 car accident. That means adding melatonin and B6 back to my supplement schedule. When I started taking them in early 2011, it was like someone flipped a switch and turned my energy back on. I’m hoping for the same results this time – because I really do want to write at least the first draft of eighteen (or more) books in the next two and a half years.

That’s a lot of books, you might say – but I refer you to the photo at the top of the page. I have big dreams, so I’ve chosen my hard.  🙂

For now, I’ll leave you with all the freebie information. Just click on the pink titles below to get your copies!  

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