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The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!

Okay, so the sky isn’t really falling.  But if it were, it would be a newsworthy event, right? Are there other things that might fall into that category? Yup.  Aliens landing in the middle of the street and stealing all … Continue reading

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Mail Day and Marcus McClelland

For those who may be scratching their heads and wondering what in the world this is all about, I’ll tell you.  Most Mondays lately, I’ve been introducing some of the characters from my new book, Enza (available April 23).   I … Continue reading

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‘I Think You Have a Winner’

I can’t help it.  I’m getting so excited!  In the past week I’ve gotten some fantastic feedback from four beta readers for my new novel, Enza (available April 23). ‘It was a great story until ____ and ____ died.’ (I … Continue reading

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Then and Now

It starts off with a tilt of the head.  At the same exact moment there is just the tiniest narrowing of the eyes and slight wrinkle of the nose as a jaw drops in what is universally recognized as the … Continue reading

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Mail Day…and a Request

I was so tired last week that I forgot that Monday was Monday and, therefore, mail day. Dear Arthur, Is it true?  George Farmer wrote and said that your unit will be sailing before the middle of February?  Everyone will … Continue reading

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I Am NOT Happy!

Until a few weeks ago, life was good.  Everything was as it should be in Mystic Falls.  You knew who the good guys were.  You knew who the bad guys were.  And you knew who was riding the fence. And … Continue reading

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I knew this day would roll around eventually.  On one hand I’m glad it’s here, if for no other reason than to get it out of the way.  On the other hand, I am probably not the best choice for … Continue reading

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Taxi Anyone?

Call someone else then.  I’m counting the minutes until I can stop playing taxi.  Mostly because this appears to be a schedule I’ll never get used to.  (Amazing how things change after you pass 30, isn’t it?  🙂 I’ve been … Continue reading

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ROW80 Update

Okay.  So…following a week of far too little sleep, my brain is on strike tonight.  Therefore I am going to keep this short.  Very short.  I finished the first edits/rewrites and the book is now in the hands of my … Continue reading

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I Thought This Was Really Cute

I was going through a stack of copies of really old newspapers, this one from an October 11, 1918 edition,  and came across the following poem.  The only reason I got a copy of this page is because I absolutely … Continue reading

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