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Bank Statments and Surprises

The Saturday afternoon mail delivery brought with it a surprise. Well, maybe to call it a surprise isn’t the most accurate way to describe what this was. A surprise generally involves something nice (unless it’s prefaced with ‘unpleasant’). This wasn’t … Continue reading

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The Joys of Sleep Deprivation

As is too often the case, sleep is an issue with me again. Or rather LACK of sleep. Insomnia sucks. So does a stomachache. Yup. Which is why I figured it was time to drag myself out to the kitchen … Continue reading

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I Really Blew It That Time

This post made it’s first appearance way back on July 5, 2011 (Happy belated Birthday, little sis!). But since I had a grand total of about zero readers then, I decided it might be time for a rerun. Why? Because … Continue reading

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It’s Like Riding Bicycle My Foot!

I can’t think of another ‘old saying’ that is more wrong than this one. If you learn something, no matter how much time has passed, you never forget…because it’s just like riding a bike. Yeah. Not. When I was a … Continue reading

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Influenza Season – Should We Be Worried?

Unless you’re me, probably not. Why? Because I spent countless hours researching the 1918 influenza pandemic in order to write Enza. And it’s because of that book that I tend to get a little nervous during flu season. Especially when … Continue reading

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Holding On To Yesterday

As promised, here is the first scene of my new novelette, Holding On To Yesterday, part one in the Wishes In Time series. If you like what you read here, and would like the rest of the story before it’s … Continue reading

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Superhuman Power

It’s been a long couple of months, and I can’t remember where I read it, but someone asked, ‘If you could have a superpower, what would it be.’I replied that I’d want super speed because if I could get everything … Continue reading

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A Blank Slate

Happy 2013 everyone! Where did the last year go? And how did it go so quickly?! I’ve often wondered why our perception of time changes so dramatically from when we were kids. And then I realized it was because when … Continue reading

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