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I’m Pleased to Announce…

…that for my very first post on my brand new blog, I get to tell you about the release of Myndi Shafer’s new novel! Myndi has kindly shared with us some of the reasons she chose to write The Darkening, … Continue reading

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The Vampire Diaries Disappoints Yet Again

***SPOILER ALERT*** If you haven’t seen the most recent episode (2/21/13), you might want to skip this post. ~~~~~ If you watch television, there’s no getting around the fact that once in awhile…someone you love is going to die. It’s … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day, Book Release, & An Interview

First…Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! I hope you’re enjoying sweet cards, pretty flowers, books, and special treats on this February 14th. More importantly, I hope you’re spending it with someone you truly care about, be it a significant other, a … Continue reading

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Michigan -The Back of the Beyond?

For some reason Michigan has come up in conversation a few times lately, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some cool information about my habitat. First, we’re known as the Great Lake State, and we’re as easy … Continue reading

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February Writing Challenge

So I’m a day late in getting this set up, but a few of you expressed an interest in joining a writing challenge this month.  If you click on the ‘Challenge’ tab above, it explains things a little better than … Continue reading

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I Needed a Laugh…

…and Tim Hawkins can almost always provide one. ~~~~~ I was hoping to get a few giggles from my spam folder, like Jenny Hansen enjoys, but alas, it’s the same old boring stuff. ~~~~~ Through February 8, 2013, I’ll be … Continue reading

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