Sometimes People Annoy Me…

I’m going to put most of it down to the fact that I haven’t felt good this week, including a 3-day headache. All I want to do is nap. In fact, I’ve taken more naps, and slept more than I have in ages. So when I am awake, I’m tired, and irritable (and wanting another nap).

I haven’t had the energy to do a whole lot, which means if there’s a cute video posted somewhere, I’ll probably watch it. They’re short, don’t require me to pay attention for very long, and almost always make me smile. Just like this one did.

Is this dog too cute or what?

I made the mistake of reading some of the comments on the other page and had to walk away from my desk in order to keep my fingers off the keyboard.


Because of the comments insinuating that using a kennel for a dog is cruel, and that anyone who uses one shouldn’t have a pet.

I beg to differ.

For one thing, some dogs like them. Shadow used to make a beeline for Jack’s kennel as soon as he came out in the morning. She’d lie down and nap to her heart’s content.

Jack, on the other hand, didn’t love the kennel quite so much. But for his first two years with us, there wasn’t much choice. Jack liked to eat anything that wasn’t nailed down – and even some things that were.

Timeouts in the bathroom were very short lived when I realized he was gnawing on the wood trim around the door. He ate shoes, socks, tissues out of the trash, part of the leg from a pair of jeans my daughter tossed on top of the kennel. She dropped a pushpin once, and before she could pick it up, Jack had it. To his credit, he decided he didn’t want to eat it after all.

And so Jack was confined to a kennel at night, and when no one was home. Knowing what he was capable of, it would have been more cruel to leave him out and running loose. Who knows what he might have found, or the destruction he might have caused without supervision?

And more importantly, he could have wound up choking to death or poisoned. I don’t know if all pit bull mixes are like this, but Jack is extremely curious. He’s also nosy, stubborn, and incredibly determined. I also love him more than I can say, and it was my mission in life to keep him safe.

He hasn’t needed a kennel for at least three years now, and I’m glad. But if he started developing bad habits again, behaviors I thought might put him in danger, I’d put that thing back up so fast it would make your head spin. I will not lose him any sooner than I have to.

So… I know the people who wrote those comments won’t be reading this blog post, but I had to get it off my chest. Yes, there are some people who use kennels as cages, but the rest of us use them only when necessary, and as a means to protect animals we adore.

Like Jack.

Jack 2Look at those eyes… I hated putting him in there, but it was for his own good. Now a baby gate works to keep him in my daughter’s room at night, or out of the kitchen. He still loves to ‘dumpster dive’ in the kitchen waste basket.

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4 Responses to Sometimes People Annoy Me…

  1. Yes and i even had a vet tell me that all dogs should get used to a kennel and stay used to it. It’s good for them to have their own place to go to and keeps them used to it for when you need to board them. We don’t use one often but vet does say it’s a good thing for dogs as long as used in proper manner for short spells.

    • Kristy K. James says:

      I could not agree more! Smart vet to offer that advice. I’ve never had to board a pet, but just in case, it is a good idea. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    My daugthers Pit has a kennel also, they put her in it when they go to work, she’s done that ever since she was small. Xena will go lay in when she feels like it even when they are home. As long as you give them enough exercise when you are home with them there is nothing wrong with this. I wish we had trained ours to a kennel when she was young, she’s 14 now. And the queen of getting out of her outside chain link fence dog pen, she literally will bend the metal bars around the door up and tear the clips off to get the fencing loose to escape, she also know how to open the latch if it’s not locked with a keeper. All so she can lay in the front yard and wait for us to come home, lol.

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Is this Kathie? Cause I remember you saying something about your dog wanting to wait in the front yard for you and your husband to get home. If it’s not, your comment still proves exactly what I’ve noticed about Jack, lol. Some dogs are very determined and stubborn. 😀

      And I agree 100%. There is nothing wrong with a kennel, as long as they’re used right. If they’re just used to pen a pet up like an animal in a zoo, then that’s wrong.

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