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Things That Are NOT a Cure For Insomnia…

By now, most of you have figured out that I tend to work through the night. And those of you who do know that, know I also fight an often losing battle with insomnia. This is one of those times. … Continue reading

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New Coach’s Boys Release!

I know I’ve warned about this on my Facebook page, and on the book pages at Amazon and Smashwords, but this little novelette was written because a fan of the series wished she knew what happened before and after a … Continue reading

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Dear Readers…and a Cover Reveal

It has come to my attention that the powers that be at Facebook periodically reset something so the notifications you receive from pages you’ve liked are changed – so that you don’t receive them. Part of the reason is to … Continue reading

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Dear Jennifer Lawrence…

Dear Ms. Lawrence, In a recent interview, you said, “‘[It’s] the new cool eating disorder, the ‘basically I just don’t eat carbs.’“ You were referring to a gluten-free lifestyle. While there are a lot of people who have adopted this … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Have To Poop….

Between the toilet I saw in the tree and new issues with my formerly cursed septic system (that went through a recent exorcism but still believes itself to be cursed), it’s been a weird two and a half weeks. And … Continue reading

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Words That Hurt and Devastate

You may or may not remember that I featured Myndi Shafer on my blog back in February of 2013 when she released her book, The Darkening. Well, today, she’s on my mind again because of a blog she posted yesterday. … Continue reading

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The County Fair

I’m not sure why I didn’t post this when I wrote it in July, but I just found it today – and it’s just as much fun to think about now as it was then. Must be kind of a … Continue reading

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