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How We Judge Others

I’m not the first person to make this observation, and I’m sure I won’t be the last but I have to ask…what is it about the internet that causes so many people to set aside good manners and plain, old-fashioned … Continue reading

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Ode To My Treadmill

Okay, so this isn’t an ode. It’s not going to be a poem, sonnet, or verse either. In fact, it’s not even going to rhyme (except maybe by accident). Nope, just a regular old blog post. However… I needed a … Continue reading

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Grab a Tissue…

I just watched the most amazing video about a love story that spanned decades. About a man who lost his wife after seventy-five years together. Thanks to a song writing contest, and a compassionate, generous singer, the poem Fred wrote … Continue reading

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Another Dud…Kind Of

Sometimes I don’t pay enough attention to things that I often regret. Like looking at brake fluid, but grabbing transmission fluid instead. I learned the hard way that using the wrong fluid will warp all of the rubber parts in … Continue reading

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Prince, Frog, or Wart on the Frog?

So tonight I was looking at my blog stats and found that someone had looked at a post I wrote way back on October 17, 2011, titled ‘What a Prince.’ This is that same post, under a new title…just in … Continue reading

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Another Quirky Movie You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

I’ve tried to figure out why I love movies few people have ever heard of, and I think I’ve finally found an answer. I just get tired of the same stuff all the time. Sure, movies that follow a formula … Continue reading

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My New Novelette is Finally Here!

While I know that the newsletter story, Holding On To Yesterday, deals with fantasy, it’s of the time-travel variety. But this new book – a novelette specifically – goes a little further, and is my first attempt at fantasy in … Continue reading

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My Future Boyfriend…

…was a movie that left me smiling, but unsure as to how I might rate it. While I’ve never heard of Sara Rue before, I had always enjoyed Barry Watson in when he played Matt Camden in 7th Heaven. I … Continue reading

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The Babies

Yes, I’m posting a lot this week. I can’t help it though. I’m heavy into editing my first fantasy novelette…and am in need of some stress relief. So I’m playing 3D Mah Jongg, going for drives, and…blogging. This post involves … Continue reading

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Mason Jars, Salad & Texas Roadhouse

When I find a restaurant I like…or more specifically a meal at a restaurant I like…I’m always on the hunt for a copycat recipe I can make at home. That’s why I can enjoy Chi-chi’s beef and cheese enchiladas with … Continue reading

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